Is the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit Open?

Is the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit Open

Is the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit Open?

The Heber-Overgaard Brush Pit, a significant community resource for disposing of yard waste, is situated just north of Tonto on the west side of State Route 277, specifically at Mile Marker 307.9. Operating hours during the summer season are scheduled from 8 am to 4 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The Brush Pit is a valuable tool for maintaining the beauty and safety of the Heber-Overgaard area, as it enables the efficient and environmentally responsible disposal of brush and other green waste.

Please always check for current hours and regulations as these may vary.

As the proud owner of the Horseview Hideaway, a charming short-term rental cabin nestled in the heart of Heber Overgaard, Arizona, I often field questions from our guests about local amenities and services. One of the queries that come up now and then is about the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit. This comprehensive blog post is intended to provide a helpful, clear, and informative answer to the question, “Is the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit Open?” Discovering Heber-Overgaard: Arizona’s White Mountains.

What is the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit?

The Heber Overgaard Brush Pit is a local waste management facility that allows residents and visitors to dispose of yard waste such as branches, leaves, and pine needles. It plays a crucial role in helping to manage waste in the community and maintain the beautiful surroundings that make Heber Overgaard such a unique place to visit.

Current Status of the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit

The operational status of the Heber Overgaard Brush Pit can vary based on a range of factors including weather conditions, fire risk, and maintenance activities. It’s crucial to check the current status before planning any trips to the facility. The Navajo County Public Works website provides up-to-date information about the status of the brush pit and other waste management facilities in the county.

Importance of the Brush Pit in Fire Prevention

In areas like Heber Overgaard, proper disposal of yard waste at facilities like the brush pit is not just a matter of keeping our community clean—it’s also a key component of fire prevention. With our proximity to the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, maintaining a defensible space around homes and structures is paramount to safeguarding our community from wildfires. Where to Stay in Heber Overgaard?

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